Endowments and Foundations

Endowments and Foundations

Endowments and foundations are often challenged by the complex and sometimes conflicting objectives of meeting short-term funding needs and long-term financial targets. 

These challenges can be especially acute with organizations that lack the resources to build in-house investment teams or the scale to access the investment solutions available to their larger peers.  

New Republic Partners has a unique perspective born from our founding families who have successfully created their own endowments, foundations and other charitable organizations. 

Our work with endowments and foundations is also informed by the experience of our principals who serve on a number of charitable investment committees. 

New Republic Partners assists endowments and foundations with our broad, global approach to capital allocation, leveraging the scale and reach of our innovative investment platform to develop solutions that are customized for each organization. 

Our consultative approach supports clients’ teams, and our client reporting systems simplify and clarify portfolio performance, strengthening communication with board members and other stakeholders.