Nirav D. Kachalia Joins New Republic Partners

CHARLOTTE, NC.  Nirav Kachalia has joined New Republic Partners as a senior advisor and investment committee member. He will focus on firm strategy for developing innovative, global investment solutions for family offices and institutions.

Kachalia is a veteran in global investment banking, with expertise in public equities, private credit, private equity and private real estate.

“Nirav brings valuable experience and insight into investment solutions and fund managers around the globe,” said Tom Hoops, chief executive officer at New Republic Partners. “His expertise aligns well with our interests in structuring client portfolios with unique domestic and global investment opportunities.”

In addition to his role at New Republic Partners, Kachalia is involved in firm and investment strategy as a partner and investment committee member at Ares Asia Private Equity Group.

“Global markets offer novel opportunities to navigate the rapidly changing investment landscape,” said Kachalia. “I look forward to sourcing opportunities for clients as part of this talented and highly respected team.”

Previously, Kachalia founded Canopy Group where he developed distinct investment strategies for a select group of large, global family offices and institutions.

He served as a managing director and global co-head of private investments at Morgan Creek Capital Management, living in Chapel Hill, Hong Kong and Singapore.

He co-founded Hifusion, an education technology company, which he sold after growing it to be a significant national services provider.

Earlier, he worked at Winslow Partners, a start-up investment firm, where he was involved in global direct buyouts. He began his career at Morgan Stanley in the health care investment banking group in New York City.

Kachalia holds a Bachelor of Science in biology and a Bachelor of Arts in economics from the University of North Carolina and a Master of Business Administration from the Harvard Business School.

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